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Below are some examples of news coverage:
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Coffee grinding

One example is preparing coffee out of coffee beans. It's slightly cheaper and more efficient to prepare coffee from grinded coffee, but a true coffee fellow knows the difference. Grinding beans yourself makes the preparing and drinking a coffee a meaningful moment an sich.  

Mechanical movement

Another example are wrist watches. In the past, all watches used have a mechanical movement and were quite expensive. After the invention of quartz watches, mechanical watches virtually vanished from the everyday life. The quartz movement is inexpensive, very accurate and requires little to no maintenance with the exception of occasional changing of the battery; in view of these qualities the success of quartz wathes is not surprising. Mechanical watches, on the other hand, are characterised by functional beauty. The movement, which provides the information on the current time, is effectively a piece of jewelry. In fact the movements do have jewels! On the other hand, mechanical movement forces one to re-think the concept of time: the local time is just an agreement. Without winding, the mechanical movement stops following the agreement and time stops. Or more specifically, one of the time scales stops.

Goodyear welt construction

Invented by Charles Goodyear Jr. in the late 19th century, Goodyear Welt construction marked a revolution in the technology of shoemaking and is still one of the most respected methods of shoe construction. In this construction, the insole is stiched to a welt, which is then stiched to the outer sole. Customarily, the open space between the insole and the outsole is filled with cork, which adapts to the feet of the user. A variation of the Goodyear  welt constuction is the Storm Welt, in which the welt is wider and bent upwards to offer a better protection from moisture.