Short films

I have always been fond of storytelling mediums that feature acting as a way of telling a story.  In the high school, I was one of the founding members of Telema ry, which is a association for short-films and related culture. We have produced numerous short-films, some of which have gained recognition in the Finnish short-film scene. The association Telema ry was dissolved in 2012, but continues to produce films. My own commitment in short films has not been only artistic (acting, screenwriting etc.) but also organisatorial in nature.

Producing a short film requires a considerable amount of cooperation. The production process of a short film is actually  through quite similar to a development of a new product: firstly, there's screenwriting and the partly simultaneous casting; then there's the actual production of the film, followed by post-production (e.g. editing and soundtrack), which usually takes far longer than the filming itself; finally, there is marketing and distribution of the film.

In my opinion, a theatre play is fundamentally different from a movie in the sense that theatre is live acting. However, due to the physical distance from the stage, the audience cannot observe the facial expressions and other details of individual performances as closely as in films.