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Journal paper on the application of variable selection algorithm for predicting the secondary hot metal desulphurisation

APRIL 18, 2020
The last paper of T. Vuolio´s doctoral thesis was accepted for publication in Applied Soft Computing. In this paper, we studied the use of variable selection algoritm for predicting the secondary hot metal desulphurisation.

Bibliographical information

  • T. Vuolio, V.-V. Visuri, A. Sorsa, S. Ollila, and T. Fabritius, “Application of a genetic algorithm based model selection algorithm for identification of carbide-based hot metal desulfurization,” Applied Soft Computing, forthcoming.

Instructed: Master´s thesis on mathematical modelling of the electric arc furnace

APRIL 7, 2020
Continuing the collaboration between University of Oulu, Luxmet Ltd and RWTH Aachen University, Aron Ringel from RWTH Aachen University has finished his Master's thesis "Online modelling of an electric arc furnace". The thesis was instructed jointly by Docent Ville-Valtteri Visuri, Dr Matti Aula and Tim Haas. In his thesis, Aron developed a mathematical model for scrap melting in the EAF with a special emphasis of applicability for online modelling and coupling with online information flows. The model employs a modular structure with descriptions for the main phenomena, such as radiative heat transfer, burner efficiency and thermochemistry of scrap melting. The thesis was submitted to RWTH Aachen University, where it was examined by Dr Thomas Echterhof and Professor Herbert Pfeifer on April 7, 2020.

Journal paper on quality criteria for continuous casting

APRIL 6, 2020
Our paper on the development of novel phenomena-based quality criteria for continuous was accepted for publication in Ironmaking and Steelmaking, a peer-reviewed journal published by Taylor & Francis.

Bibliographical information

  • S. Louhenkilpi, J. Miettinen, V.-V. Visuri, M. C. Somani, S. Koskenniska, and T. Fabritius, “New Phenomenological Quality Criteria for Continuous Casting of Steel Based on Solidification and Microstructure Tool IDS,” Ironmaking and Steelmaking, forthcoming

Nomination to the board of Division of Metallurgical Engineers, Finnish Association of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers

MARCH 27, 2020
The annual meeting held of the Oulu Technical Society nominated me to a 3-year position in the board of Division of Metallurgical Engineers in the Finnish Association of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers.

Title of Docent (Adjunct Professor)

MARCH 17, 2020
Following an external peer-review and a public teaching demonstration, I was awarded the Title of Docent by University of Oulu from April 1, 2020 onwards. The title is often translated into English as Adjunct Professor to make it comparable to the academic titles of the anglo-saxon university system. The Title of Docent represents an academic rank that enables serving as a principal investigator as well as conducting independent teaching and supervision, including acting as an opponent or examiner of doctoral theses.

Two new journal papers

MARCH 16, 2020
In relation to our on-going work on modelling solidification of steels, the 7th part of the treatment of Fe-B-X systems, Fe-B-C, was accepted for publication in Archives of Metallurgy and Materials. Furthermore, a paper on "Vibration-Based Monitoring of Gas-Stirring Intensity in Vacuum Tank Degassing" was published in Steel Research International.

Bibliographical information

  • M. Pylvänäinen, V.-V. Visuri, J. Nissilä, J. Laurila, K. Karioja, S. Ollila, T. Fabritius, and T. Liedes, “Vibration-Based Monitoring of Gas-Stirring Intensity in Vacuum Tank Degassing,” Steel Research International, 1900587, forthcoming.
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  • J. Miettinen, V.-V. Visuri, T. Fabritius, and G. Vassilev, “Thermodynamic description of ternary Fe–B–X systems. Part 7: Fe–B–C,” Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, vol. 65, no. 2, pp. 697–707, 2020.

Instructed: Master's thesis on the modification of initial slag in hot metal desulphurisation

FEBRUARY 15, 2020
The Master's thesis of Pauli Pekuri, entitled "Initial Slag in Primary Desulphurisation of Hot Metal", was completed on February 15, 2020. In his thesis, Pekuri studied the variation of the initial slag in hot metal desulphurisation as well as the modification of the initial slag using ladle slag. The thesis was instructed by me, Tero Vuolio and Dr Antti Kemppainen.