A major form of pedagogical activity is the instruction of Doctoral, Licentiate, Master's, and Bachelor's theses in Process Metallurgy. The instructed theses cover a broad range of topics ranging from ironmaking via meltshop to hot rolling. Alongside research, I have assisted in courses on Process Metallurgy and Industrial Engineering at University of Oulu. 

Instruction of theses

Doctoral theses

  1. T. Vuolio, "Improvement of hot metal desulphurisation", in progress
  2. E. Ramasetti, “CFD modelling of ladle treatments", in progress

Licentiate theses

  1. J. Kunelius, "Agglomeration of charge in submerged arc furnace", in progress

Master's theses

  1. J. Paso, "Reactivity of coke in molten ferrochrome slag", 2018.
  2. J. Kaisto, "The effect of CRC slag MgO content on the penetration of slag into refractory lining", 2018.
  3. T. Veijola, "Improving the control of electric arc furnace by combining optical emissions with process data", 2018.
  4. M. Isotalo, "Optimisation of sheet rolling", 2018.
  5. T. Palovaara, “Physical Modelling of Gas Injection in a Ladle”, 2017.
  6. P. Lehtonen, “An Experimental Study on Desulfurization of Hot Metal with Lime-based Reagents“, 2017.
  7. T. Vuolio, "Improvement potential of primary hot metal delsulphurization", 2017.
  8. J. Luomanen, "Application of on-line casting simulator for quality control of stainless steel", 2017.
  9. V. Kivelä, "The use of AOD process models in the development of decarburization", 2016.
  10. M. Prokkola, "Development of steel alloying calculation model", 2016.
  11. H. Pesonen, "Determination of the content of silicon in refined molten ferrochrome by an electrochemical measurement", 2016.
  12. V. Kattilakoski, "Alternative methods for replacement of boron compounds in stabilization of secondary metallurgy slags", 2015.
  13. S. Niemetmaa, "Improving yield and steel cleanliness by optimization of the tapping stage", 2015.
  14. E. Isohookana, "A Physical Modelling Study of an AOD Converter", 2015.
  15. K. Pääskylä, "Experimental validation of a CAS-OB model", 2014.

Bachelor's theses

  1. A. Harju, in progress.
  2. A.-M. Heikka, "Measurement of melt temperature at ferrochrome works", 2016.
  3. A. Alamehtä, "Heat losses in a pilot-scale electric arc furnace", 2015.

Other pedagogical activities

Postgraduate training

  1. Member of the doctoral thesis follow-up group: H. Pauna, "On-line slag composition analysis for electric arc furnaces''.

Undergraduate training

  1. Teaching assistant, Process Simulation in Extractive Metallurgy, 2013–2016.
  2. T. Haas, "Physical Modelling of the Effect of Slag and Top-Blowing on Mixing in the AOD Process", 4 month internship at University of Oulu, 2015.
  3. Teacher tutor for Bachelor's degree students (16 persons), 2012–2015.
  4. Teaching assistant, Systematic Improvement of Production Processes (Department of Industrial Engineering and Management), 2011–2013.
  5. Teaching assistant, Laboratory exercises of metallurgy, 2011.